Seeds  Ana-Ant
Anacyclus depressus
    Garden Gnome, 6 inches small cushion daisy-like flowers white with reddish back.
    500 Seeds $4.00         1,000 Seeds  $6.50

Anagallis linifolia
    Monelli, 8 inches, brilliant gentian blue flowers, deep green foliage.
    5,000 Seeds $3.75         10,000 Seeds  $6.30

Anaphalis margaritacea
    New Snow Select Strain, 20 inch clusters of small white flowers.
    5,000 Seeds $5.81         10,000 Seeds  $10.00

Anchusa azurea
    Dropmore, 4 feet, brilliant ultramarine blue flowers.
    200 Seeds $5.19        1,000 Seeds  $22.44

Anchusa capensis
    Blue Angel, 10 inch dwarf, uniform and free flowering
    5,000 Seeds $5.19        10,000 Seeds  $8.80

    Star Dust, 10 inches, starburst of pure white flowers.
    1,000 Seeds $3.94        5,000 Seeds  $12.19

    Mona Lisa Series, 18 inches, sturdy stems for cuts. Very attractive cool season crop.
    Bicolor Red, Mix, Solid Scarlet, White
    100 Seeds $15.19        1,000 Seeds  $117.99

Anemone coronaria
    Harmony Series, F1 Hybrid, 14 inches, sheer beauty! Large, elegant flowers that will sell on
    sight. F1 hybrid vigor and uniformity, a first in garden anemone, lend superb ease of growing
    and handling. Dense branching sturdy plants to sell from 4" to large container center pieces.
    Blue, Mix, Orchid, Pearl, Scarlet, White
           100 Seeds $14.63        1,000 Seeds  $112.87

Anemone multifida
    Annabella Series, 10 inches, abundance of vivid blooms spring to early summer, 1-1/2" flowers
    on graceful stems over lacy foliage. Deep Rose, White
    200 Seeds $4.19        1,000 Seeds  $18.00

    Rubra, 12 inches, carmine red upright flowers.
    100 Seeds $5.25        1,000 Seeds  $45.19

Anamone pulsatilla – see Pulsatilla vulgaris

Anemone sylvestris
    Madonna, cleaned seed.  Large creamy white flowers
    200 Seeds $4.50        1,000 Seeds  $19.50

    Snowdrop Windflower, cleaned seed. Large white flowers May-June.
    100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds  $27.25

Anemone tomentosa
    hupehensis, Large bright pink flowers, broad petals on bushy plants.
    200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds  $16.94

Angelica gigas
    - 4 feet, deep red umbels top sturdy plant, handsome foliage.
    100 Seeds $9.25        1,000 Seeds  $79.88

    Serena Series PEL, **Fantastic Flowers™**  -- Lavender Pink, Lavender, Mix, Purple, White
    100 Seeds $16.63       1,000 Seeds  $129.78

Anise (Pimpinella anisum)
    1,000 Seeds $3.94        2,000 Seeds  $6.13

Antennaria dioica
    Pussy Toes, 6 inch, mat-forming silver foliage and rose white flowers.
    1,000 Seeds $3.94        2,000 Seeds  $5.63

    Rubra Red Pussy Toes, 6 inch wine red flowers aging to pink at end of season.  Wooly white
    mat-forming foliage.
    1,000 Seeds $3.94        2,000 Seeds  $7.76

Anthemis (Chamaemelum nobile) noblis
    True Chamomile, Sometimes called Roman Chamomile.  8 inch fragrant foliage, flowers
    creamy white with yellow centers.
    5,000 Seeds $4.00        10,000 Seeds  $6.90

Anthemis tinctoria
    Kelways, 28 inch golden flowers.
    2,000 Seeds $3.75       5,000 Seeds  $7.19

Anthriscus sylvestris
    Ravenswing, 22 inch, crisp bronze purple leave with metallic sheen, white flowers spring
    through midsummer.
    200 Seeds $4.06       1,000 Seeds  $16.75

Anthyllis vulneraria coccinea
    Red Carpet, 6 inch clusters of orange red flowers. First year flowers. Good for borders or ground
    100 Seeds $6.88        1,000 Seeds  $59.13

Antigonon leptopus
    Coral Vine, Vine with brilliant clusters of pink flowers.
    100 Seeds $28.06       1,000 Seeds  $222.70

    Bells Series, Frosty Lavender, Mix, Pink, Purple, Purple and White, Red, Rose, White
    500 Seeds $4.00        1,000 Seeds  $6.63

    Bizarre Hyrids (Brighton Rock) 18 inch mix of exotic striped and mottled bi-colors.
    5,000 Seeds $4.00        10,000 Seeds  $6.90

    Black Prince, 18 inches, near black velvety crimson, dark foliage.
    2,000 Seeds $3.94        5,000 Seeds  $7.81

    Chantilly,  3 feet, 4 feet greenhouse; Gorgeous color display. Extra early blooming, durable open
    faced flowers with long vase life on strong, flower filled stems. Premium quality for landscape,
    large container or as a cut-flower snap group I-II.  Bronze White Throat, Cream Yellow,
    Light Pink, Light Salmon, Mix, Pink White Throat, White
    500 Seeds $5.19        1,000 Seeds  $8.44

    Chimes Series, 8 inch compact habit, uniform bloom. Bronze, Cherry, Lavender, Mix, Pink,
    Purple and White, Red, Rose and White, White, Yellow
    500 Seeds $4.00         1,000 Seeds  $6.63

    Copper Queen, 30 inches, copper red color
    2,000 Seeds $3.94        5,000 Seeds  $7.81

    Floral Carpet Series, Mix, 8 inches extra dwarf. Color: Mix
    1,000 Seeds $6.44        2,000 Seeds  $10.88

    Floral Showers Series, 8 inches; dwarf, extra early, bred for short day length.  Apricot Bicolor,
    Bicolor Mix, Complete Mix, Coral Bicolor, Crimson, Deep Bronze, Fuchsia, Lavender Bicolor,
    Lilac, Purple, Red and Yellow Bicolor, Rose, Rose pink, Scarlet, White, Wine Bicolor, Yellow
    1,000 Seeds $6.50        2,000 Seeds  $11.00

    Freesong Series, 18 inches, early flower, branching habit.  Cherry, Crimson, Mix, Pink, Princess
    Pink, Scarlet, White, Yellow
    500 Seeds $3.94        1,000 Seeds  $5.94

    La Bella Series, 18 inches, mid height base brancher with open butterfly flower type.  Bronze,
    Lavender, Light Pink, Mix, Pink, Purple, Red, Red and White, Rose, White, Yellow
    500 Seeds $4.31        1,000 Seeds  $7.44

    Liberty Classic Series, 18 inches, the original Liberty, kneehigh base brancher.
    Bronze, Cherry, Lavender, Light Pink, Mix, Rose Pink, Scarlet, White, Yellow
    500 Seeds $4.31        1,000 Seeds  $7.44

    Madame Butterfly Mix, 30 inches, AAS. Mix of tall, double azalea-like flowers. Florets larger than
    standard snaps.  Superb cut flower.
    500 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds  $7.00

    Malmaison, 18 inches, silvery pink. Classic old fashioned type for borders or field grown cuts.
    2,000 Seeds $3.94        5,000 Seeds  $7.81

    Monarch Series, 6 inches,sturdy spikes of large, clear and cool upright flowers. Traditional
    kneehigh landscapers, economical for large plantings.  Lavender
    2,000 Seeds $3.94        5,000 Seeds  $7.81

    Montego Series,  6 inches dwarf and early. Imrpoved garden stamina.
    Blush, Bronze, Burgundy Bicolor, Fire Mix, Light Pink, Mix, Orange Bicolor, Pink, Purple, Red,
    Rose Bicolor, Scarlet, Sunset, Violet, White, Yellow
    500 Seeds $4.13        1,000 Seeds  $6.94

    Night and Day, 18 inches, nearly black. Velvety crimson with silver throat and dark foliage.
    2,000 Seeds $4.38        5,000 Seeds  $9.40

    Palette Series, 10 inch husky well branched plants with deep green foliage and vigorous
    growth. Early and uniform, great in pack or container, a standard in the garden.
    Mix, Red, Yellow
    500 Seeds $3.94       1,000 Seeds  $6.06

    Ribbon Series, 18 inches, intermediate kneehigh habit, strong base branching, day neutral.  
    Crimson, Lavender, Light Pink, Mix, Purple, Rose, White, Yellow
    500 Seeds $4.31        1,000 Seeds  $7.44

    Rocket Series, 30 inches, choice for cut flower or gardens. Upright branching spikes with
    fragrant florets.
    Bronze (AAS), Cherry, Golden Yellow (AAS), Lemon, Mix, Orchid (AAS), Pink, Red (AAS),
    Redstone, Rose Shades (AAS), White (AAS)
    1,000 Seeds $5.88        2,000 Seeds  $10.00

    Snappy Tongue, 30 inches, novel cut flower, dragons with a distinct tongue protruding from
    between the lips. Mixed colors.
    1,000 Seeds $4.81        2,000 Seeds  $8.25

    Solstice F1 Series, 16-20 inches, short day flowering quick finishing knee high snap.
    Burgundy, Lavender, Mix, Orange Tricolor (orange with yellow bee and white tube), Pink, Purple,
    Red, Rose, White, Yellow
    100 Seeds $5.38        1,000 Seeds  $46.44

    Sonnet F1 Series, 18 inch intermediate, sturdy, windproof, strong self supporting flower stems.
    Bronze, Burgundy, Carmine, Crimson, Mix, Orange Scarlet, Pink, Rose, White, Yellow
    1,000 Seeds $6.50        2,000 Seeds  $11.36

    Sonnet Heirloom, 18 inch, bright carmine rose with pure white throat, uniform.
    500 Seeds $3.94        1,000 Seeds  $5.81

    Tahiti Series, 6 inch dwarf, early flowering with a mounded and branching habit.
    Appleblossom, Bicolor, Bronze, Lilac, Mauve, Mix, Orange, Pink, Red, Red Bicolor, Rose, Rose
    Bicolor, Scarlet, White, Yellow
    1,000 Seeds $6.50        2,000 Seeds  $11.50

Antirrhinum braun blanquettii
    Candelabra, 3 feet branches profusely from low on stem for a candelabra shape. Good for large
    container. Worth trying as specialty field grown cut flower. Bright yellow three lobed flowers with
    a hint of cream.
    1,000 Seeds $3.94        2,000 Seeds  $6.75

    Lemon Sherbert, 12 inches, large blossoms white with yellow throat. Spreading perennial.
    1,000 Seeds $4.88         2,000 Seeds  $8.38

Antirrhinum Greenhouse Forcing
    Animation Series, Coated, Originator's Seed, Group II.
    Crimson, Deep Rose, Mix, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow
    200 Seeds $4.00        1,000 Seeds  $14.25

    Axiom Series, Group III and IV. 42 inches. For greenhouse forcing in autumn and late spring
    markets. Restricted side shoot, strong stems, thick packed spikes.
    Bronze, Deep Rose, White, Yellow
    200 Seeds $4.38        1,000 Seeds  $18.94

    Late Winter White 102, Group III
    1,000 Seeds $5.25        2,000 Seeds  $8.62

    Opus Series, Group III and IV. Highly commercial, programmable for late spring, summer and
    fall sales windows. Premium quality for professional greenhouse production, with long, tough
    stems and tightly packed spikes.
    Apple Blossom, Early Bronze, Early White, Ivory, Lavender, Mix, Pink, Plum Blossom, Rose,
    White, Yellow
    200 Seeds 4.06        1,000 Seeds  $15.94

    Overture Series, Group II. Highly commercial, programmable for winter sales windows.
    Premium quality for professional greenhouse production, with long, tough stems and tightly
    packed spikes.  
    Ivory, Light Bronze, Light Pink, Magenta, Mix, Orange, Pink, Plum Blossom, Red, White, Yellow
    200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $15.94

    White Butterfly II, Group II. Double White.
    500 Seeds $3.94        1,000 Seeds  $6.25

Antirrhinum pendula
    Cascadia (Lampion) F1 Mix, First cascading snapdragon, densely flowering from top to bottom.
    Mix of white, yellow, pink, orange, scarlet, violet, pink and white bicolor.
    100 Seeds $21.44        1,000 Seeds  $164.16
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