Iberis-Snowflake – 12” large flowered strain, uniform mounded habit.
1,000 Seeds $6.19        2,000 Seeds $10.63

Impatiens Series Carousel, Fanciful, Impulse, and Stardust are no longer

Impatiens-Accent Series:  Bright Eye,  Burgundy Star,  Burgundy,  Carmine, Coral Star,  
Coral,  Cranb Punch Mix,  Cranberry,  Deep Pink,  Lavender Blue,  Lilac,  Ltd Edition
Mix,  Midnight Rose,  Mix,  Mystic Mix,  Orange,  Pastel Mix,  Peppermint Mix,  Pink
Picotee,  Pink,  Red Star,  Red,  Rose Star,  Rose,  Salmon Picotee,  Salmon,  Scarlet,  
Star Mix,  Sunrise Mix,  Violet Star,  Violet,  Watermelon,  White
200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $16.88

Impatiens-Mosaic Series:  Coral, Impressions Mix, Lilac, Mix, Orange,  Red, Rose
200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $16.44

Impatiens-Super Elfin Series:  Apricot,  Blue Pearl XP, Blush, Bright Orange, Cha Cha
Mix, Coral XP, Deep Pink XP, Lavender, Light Pink, Lilac, Lipstick Melon XP, Mix,
Paradise Mix, Parfait Mix, Pastel Mix, Pink XP, Punch XP, Raspberry, Red XP, Rose XP,
Ruby, Salmon XP, Salmon Blush, Samba Mix, Scarlet XP, Seaside Mix, Splish Splash Mix,
Star Cherry XP, Star Salmon XP, Violet Original, Violet XP, White XP, Bold Mix XP, XP
Formula Mix, Hot Mix XP, Steller Mix XP
200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $17.06

Impatiens-Swirl Series: Coral, Money Mix, Pink, Raspberry
200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $17.06

Impatiens-Tempo Series:  Cherry Butterfly, Cinnamon, Lavender Butterfly, Lilac, Lipstick,
Orchid Butterfly, Peach Butterfly, Rouge Mix, Salsa Mix, Strawberry Butterfly,
Wedgewood Mix
200 Seeds $4.00        1,000 Seeds $13.69

Impatiens-Xtreme Series:  Deep Salmon, Hot Mix, Lavender, Lilac, Mix, Pastel Mix, Red,
Rose, Rosey Mix, Salmon, Utopia Mix, Violet, White
200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $16.44

Iresine-Purple Lady – FantasticFoliage®  6-8” dark purple foliage and spreading habit.  
Good in containers.
100 Seeds $14.69        1,000 Seeds $124.63

Isolepis-Live Wire, multipelleted - FantasticFoliage® - Unique grass-like plant with
mounded habit.  Small flower spikes accent the green leaves. Good in containers.
100 Seeds $9.69        1,000 Seeds $81.88

Isotoma-Star Series:  8” spreading mound for baskets and planters. Profuse bloomer.  
Blue, Mix, Rose, White
200 Seeds, $4.06       1,000 Seeds $16.06

Isotoma  hybrid – AvanteGarde Series: 2007 SFG, 12” spreading 12”, fast bloomer,
dense, vigorous spreading plant. Green foliage is narrow and toothy. Blue, Pink
200 Seeds $4.63        1,000 Seeds $19.88
Seed Tapestry
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