Petunia-Aladdin Series, Originator's seed, pelleted – 12” early, waved and ruffled flowers
all season.  Arabian Nights Mix (mix of darkest shades), Blue, Burgundy, Burgundy Morn
Mix, Cherry, Cherry Morn Mix (white cherry and peach), Lilac, Mix, Nautical Mix (cool
shades of blue), Neon, Orange, Peach Morn, Pink, Pink Morn, Red, Salmon, Sky Blue,
Strawberry Ice, Summer Ice (light salmon with red veins), White, Yellow
500 Seeds $4.00        1,000 Seeds $6.88

Petunia-Avalanche Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 3-6” spreading to 2-3’. Beachcomber
Mix, Cherry, Grape, Lavender, Lilac, Mix, Pink, Red, Rose, Salmon Shades, Tropical Red,
Tropicana Mix, White. Think Pink Mix
100 Seeds $11.88        1,000 Seeds $108.13

Petunia-Carpet Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, Blue, Blue Lace, Blue Star, Bright Red,
Buttercream, Lilac, Mix, Neptune Mix, Pink, Pink Mom, Plum, Rose, Rose Star, Salmon, Sky
Blue, True Blue, Velvet, White
1,000 Seeds $6.50        2,000 Seeds $11.63

Petunia-Celebrity - Originator's Seed, PEL, Blue, Blue Crystal, Blue Ice, Burgundy,
Burgundy Frost, Burgundy Star, Carmine, Chiffon Morn (AAS), Desert Sky Mix, Ice Mix,
Lilac, Lilac Morn, Mid Blue, Mix, Morn Mix, Neon, Niagara Mix, Orchid Ice, Pastel Mix, Peach
Ice, Pink, Pink Morn, Plum Ice, Raspberry Ice, Red, Red Frost, Red Morn, Rose, Rose
Frost, Rose Star, Salmon, Scarlet, Sky Blue, Strawberry Ice, Watercolors Mix, White, Yellow
1,000 Seeds $6.25        2,000 Seeds $10.50

Petunia-Daddy Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 10” heavily-veined 4” flowers.  Blue, Mix,
Orchid (AAS), Peppermint, Pink, Strawberry, Sugar
500 Seeds $4.13        1,000 Seeds $7.00

Petunia-Dbl Cascade Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 10-15” inch, early, compact with
huge 4-5” flowers. Blue, Burgundy, Mix, Orchid Mixt, Pink, Plum Vein, Soft Pink
200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $17.06

Petunia-Dreams Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 10” free-flowering, tight branching habit,
excellent garden performance.  Appleblossom, Burgundy, Burgundy Picotee, Midnight, Mix,
Neon Rose, Patriot Mix, Red Picotee, Pink, Red, Rose, Rose Morn, Rose Picotee, Salmon,
Sky Blue, Waterfall Mix, White, Wild Rose Mix
500 Seeds $4.13        1,000 Seeds $6.94

Petunia-Duet, 10-15”, Salmon and white
200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $15.63

Petunia-Easy Wave Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 8-12”, more mounded than Wave
series with up to 3’ spread. Excellent container or small space gardens. BeachcomberMix,
Blue, Coral Reef, Mix, Mystic Pink, Pink, Red, Rosy Dawn, Salmon, Shell Pink, The Flag
Mix, Tropicana Mix, White
100 Seed $17.06        1,000 Seeds $143.94

Petunia-Explorer Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, Blue, Coral, Lavender, Magenta, Pink,
Purple, Rose, RosePink, White
100 Seeds $14.06        1,000 Seeds $117.81

Petunia-Fantasy Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 8-10”, smaller flowers and dwarfer habit
than a multiflora. Forms cushion like mounds with multiple flowers. Blue, Carmine, Crystal
Light Salmon, Crystal Red, Ivory, Light Lavender, Mix, Pink, Pink Morn (AAS), Red, Rose,
500 Seeds $4.63        1,000 Seeds $7.81

Petunia-Frost Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 12-14”, richly textured, white trimmed edge,
frosted bicolor pattern remains stable throughout the season.  Blue, Cherry, Fire, Mix,
500 Seeds $4.31        1,000 Seeds $7.44

Petunia-Hula Hoop Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, Blue, Burgundy, Mix, Red, Rose, Velvet
500 Seeds $4.13        1,000 Seeds $6.88

Petunia-Limbo Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 5” ground-hugging habit, flower to plant
ratio extremely high. Blue, Deep Purple, Mix, Purple, Red, Rose, Rose Vein, Salmon Violet
(AAS), White
500 Seeds $6.88        1,000 Seeds $12.19

Petunia-Merlin Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, Cherry Rose, Light Salmon, Picotee
Burgundy, Pink, Red, Blue, Magic Flute Mix, Picotee Burgundy, Picotee Rose, Pink, Rose,
500 Seeds $4.00        1,000 Seeds $6.44

Petunia-Primetime Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, Blue, Blue Star, Blues Mix, Burgundy,
Burgundy Star, Carmine, Crystals Mix, Fiesta Mix, Lavender, Light Blue, Lt. Pink Vein, Ltd.
Edition Mix, Mid Blue, Mix, Pink, Pink Morn, Pink Vein, Red, Red Frost, Red Star, Red Vein,
Rose, Rose Frost, Rose Star, Salmon, Salmon Morn, Scarlet, Star Mix, Twilight Mix, Violet
Star, White
1,000 Seeds $6.50        2,000 Seeds $10.88

Petunia-Prism Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 10”, large flowered, heat tolerant.  
Blackberry Sundae, Blue, Blueberry Sundae, Bright Rose, Coral, Dewberry Sundae,
Lavender, Mix, Plum Sundae, Raspberry Sundae, Scarlet, Strawberry Sundae, Sundae Mix,
Sunshine, Vanity Fair Mix, White
500 Seeds $5.00        1,000 Seeds $8.37

Petunia-Ramblin Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 10” early flowering, short internodes with
spreading plant habit. Robust coverage for baskets, containers and beds. Those marked
with a * need less than 2 weeks long-day and are specially suitable to force for early
markets. Burgundy Chrome*, Calypso Mix, Lavender*, Lilac Glo*, Mix, Neon Rose*, Nu
Blue*, Peach Glo, Pink, QuickMix*, Razzleberry Mix, Red, Salmon Capri, Scarlet*, Shades O’
Pink*, Violet, White*
100 Seeds $14.88        1,000 Seeds $123.38

Petunia-Shock Wave Series - PEL, 6” huge quantity of mini 2” flowers blanket lushly
branched spreading mounds. Very fast flowering in a uniform 5 day time slot. Very fast rain
recovery. Continuous color possibility. Ivory, Pink Shades, Pink Vein, Purple, Rose, Buzz
Mix, Electric Mix
100 Seeds $17.06        1,000 Seeds $143.94

Petunia-Sonata - PEL, 15” Deeply fringed large double pure white flower.
200 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $17.06

Petunia-Supercascade Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, Blue, Blush,Burgundy, Lilac, Mix,
Pink, Red, Rose, Salmon, White
500 Seeds $4.13        1,000 Seeds $7.00

Petunia-Tidal Wave Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, vigorous hedge forming, covered with
flowers.  Cherry, Hot Pink, Purple, Silver (AAS)
100 Seeds $17.06        1,000 Seeds $143.94

Petunia-Ultra Series - Originator's Seed, PEL 12-14”, compact habit, uniform, early
flowering and huge flowers. Blue, Blue Star, Blue Vein, Burgundy, Crimson Star, Light Pink
Vein, Lilac, Limited Edition Mix, Mix, Pastel Pink, Pink, Plum, Red, Red Star, Rose, Rose
Star, Salmon, Salmon Morn, Scarlet, Sky Blue, Star Mix, Violet, White
500 Seeds $4.25        1,000 Seeds $7.38

Petunia-Wave Series - Originator's Seed, PEL, 3-6”, spreading 3-4’, blooms freely all
season. Blue (AAS), Lavender, Misty Lilac, Mix, Pink, Purple, Rose
100 Seeds $17.06        1,000 Seeds $143.94

Phlox-21st Century Series-PRM, 10” First F1 hybrid of this genus.  Hybrid vigor lends
stress tolerance and long season endurance, strong germination and seedling vigor. Blue,
Blue Star, Crimson, Magenta Mix, Mix, Pink, Rose Star, Salmon, Scarlet, White
100 Seeds $6.50        1,000 Seeds $55.31

Phlox-Promise Series, dwarf and compact, semidouble flowers, long blooming. Mix is 5
500 Seeds $6.88        1,000 Seeds $12.69

Physostegia-Crown of Snow, 24”, white spikes, cutflower. Flowers have peculiar and useful
trait of remaining where bent by arranger.  Also a superb robust border plant.
200 Seeds $4.19        1,000 Seeds $18.00

Physostegia- Rose Queen, 24”, rosy pink spikes, cutflower.
200 Seeds $4.19        1,000 Seeds $15.19

Platycodon-Balou Series, 8” bred for outdoor container production. Deep green leaf,
strong textured petals, compact and branching. Blue, Mix, White
200 Seeds $5.19        1,000 Seeds $21.56

Platycodon-Mariesii Blue, 18” excellent garden variety with violet blue flowers. Hardiest of
1,000 Seeds $3.94        2,000 Seeds $6.75

Platycodon-Miss Tilly Series, 6-8” F1 hybrid, uniform, vigorous, broad branching habit,
dark foliage.  Blue.
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $29.30

Plectranthus argentatus-Silver Shield - Originator's Seed, PEL, FantasticFoliage®, 2’ tall
spreading to 2’ wide, broad, soft velvety silver foliage develops robust presence. Weather-
tolerant. Small blue flowers late summer.  Landscape or containers.
100 Seeds $15.25        1,000 Seeds $131.44

Plectranthus oertendahlii -Emerald Lace, FantasticFoliage®, 8” spreading to 10”, foliage
bright emerald with silver veins. Soft lavender flower spikes. Extremely tough, highly
drought and shade tolerant.
100 Seeds $15.25        1,000 Seeds $131.44

Polemonium-Bambino Blue – 15” compact form suitable as container perennial. Sky blue
200 Seeds $4.44        1,000 Seeds $19.06

Porphyrocoma pohliana (Brazilian Fireworks) – Maracas - FantasticFoliage®, 8” spreading
to 10”. Silver variegated foliage, exotic bicolor flowers, ruby with purple corollas. Loves
heat, good for shady bedding or containers.
100 Seeds $16.56        1,000 Seeds $140.38

Portulaca-Margarita Series-MultiSeededPellets, Compact, well branched and mounding
habit with large semidouble flowers. Apricot, Banana, Coconut, Coral, Cream, Fuchsia,
Lemon, Mix, Orange, Pastel Mix, Peppermint, Rosita, Scarlet, Strawberry
200 Seeds $5.25        1,000 Seeds $22.19

Portulaca-Stopwatch Series-MSP, 6”, very tight habit for pots and containers. Uniformly day
neutral for predictable timing year around. Cream, Mix, Orange, Rose, Scarlet, White,
200 Seeds $5.38        1,000 Seeds $22.69

Portulaca-Sundial Series-MSP, 6” spreading to 12”, market leader, ideal type for bedding
and large containers. Large flowers and luminous colors, great pack performance and
excellent in garden. Chiffon, Cream, Fuchsia, Gold, Mango, Mix, Orange, PassionFruit Mix,
Peach (AAS), Peppermint, Pink, Princess Pink, Scarlet, Tangerine, White, Yellow
200 Seeds 5.38        1,000 Seeds $22.44

Portulaca-Sunnyside Series, Select strain of All Double. Mix, Flame
5,000 Seeds $5.44        10,000 Seeds $9.38

Portulaca-Sunseeker Series-MSP, 2” fully double blooms, combining the best of the
leading market varieties for early and improved plant habit, ideal for 4” packs. Cream, Mix,
Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $23.38

Portulaca-Tequila Series-MSP, Cherry, Chiffon, Cream, Fuchsia, Mango, Mix, Orange,
Peach, Peppermint, Pink, Primrose, White, Yellow
200 Seeds $5.25        1,000 Seeds $22.19

Potentilla-Melton Fire – 16” first year flowering, tricolor of deep red, soft crimson and
vanilla flowers.
1,000 Seeds $4.81        2,000 Seeds $8.25

Primula-Arctic Series, 5”, hardy outdoor bedding primrose with hybrid vigor, for pot, pack,
containers and gardens. More vivid colors and larger 2” flowers. Mix is 7 colors.
100 Seeds $6.81        1,000 Seeds $57.38

Primula-Daniella Series, uniform flowering mid season to late. Apricot, Blue, Cream Yellow,
Mix, Rose Bicolor, Scarlet, White, Yellow
100 Seeds $6.44        1,000 Seeds $53.94

Primula-Danova Series, compact with large flowers. Extra early, extremely uniform in plant
habit, flower size and bloom time. Blue, Cherry with Edge, Copper, Cream Yellow, Golden
Yellow, Grower Select Mix, Lemon Yellow, Light Violet, Mix, Orange Yellow, Pink, Purple,
Red and Rose Shades, Red with White Edge, Red with Yellow Edge, Rose, Rose Lavender
Shades, Salmon Orange, Scarlet, Velvet Red, White, Yellow with Eye
100 Seeds $6.44        1,000 Seeds $53.94

Primula-Glory Fantastique Mix, 4-5”, early flowering, uniform, large flowers on compact
100 Seeds $6.63        1,000 Seeds $54.38

Primula-Libre Series, primin free, free from allergin. Can be used for early and late season
sales. Crop time 16-20 weeks.  Carmine, Deep Blue, Fuchsia, Magenta, Mix, Orange, Pink,
Red, Sky Blue, White
200 Seeds $5.44        1,000 Seeds $22.75

Primula-Orion Series, 5”, extra compact and mounded, large showy flowers. Extremely
uniform midseason bloom time for tight early spring market window.
100 Seeds $5.56        1,000 Seeds $47.06

Primula-Pageant Series-PRM, extra-early, medium size flowers. Mix.
100 Seeds $5.56        1,000 Seeds $47.69

Primula-Prima Series, Compact, uniform plant with large and dense flower heads. Short
production time. Lilac, Mix, Rose with Eye, White.
100 Seeds $8.62        1,000 Seeds $71.88

Primula-Primera Series, 6” tall spreading 6”, scented, early season, requiring no cool
temperatures to initiate flowering. Blue, Carmine, Light Yellow, Mix, Orange, Pink, Rose,
Scarlet, White, Yellow
100 Seeds $5.56        1,000 Seeds $46.69

Primula-Rosanna Series, unique double rosebud flowers. Flowering for mid season pot and
bedding markets. Mix includes apricot, pink, rose, scarlet, white and yellow.  Colors: Apricot
Shades, Rose Pink Shades, Mix, White, Yellow Shades.
100 Seeds $7.69        1,000 Seeds $65.56

Ptilotus exaltatus Joey - Improved seed for quick and easy germination. 10" in pots or 18"
in garden. Fat bottlebrush spikes, start silver, mature to luminous neon pink at tips,
longlasting. Thick bright silvery green foliage, neat bunched in pots. Central Australian
native, wide climate tolerance, suitable for xeriscaped and container, tolerates all manner
of sun and heat. Quick crop, great impulse sale item, showy and novel. Attractive at all
stages. Worth testing as specialty cutflower to be stretched by spacing or lower light levels.
100 seeds $24.63       1,000 Seeds $209.31     
Seed Tapestry
part of Scanlan Nursery
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