SEEDS  P -  Pep
Pansy-Atlas Series, formerly Happy Face varieties are now included in Atlas series as
blotch colors.  Beaconsfield, Black, Blotch, Mix, Blue, Blue Blotch, Blueberry Mix, Citron
Mix, Jack O Lantern Mix, Lemon, Meadow Mix, Mix, Needlepoint, Orange, Primrose,
Purple, Purple Smile, Raspberry Mix, Red Blotch, Rose, Rose Blotch, Scarlet, Sherbet,
Sky Blue, Sunset, Tiffany Rose, White, White Blotch, Windjammer Mix, Yellow, Yellow
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $25.50

Pansy-Colossus Series, giant pansy with Majestic size flowers 3-4” across with short
internodes and small leaves, mounded and branched.
Deep Blue with Blotch, Mix, Neon Violet, Purple with Blotch, Red with Blotch
100 Seeds $4.13        1,000 Seeds $31.75

Pansy-Crown Series, Originator's seed, primed – Large flowering unblotched.  Azure,
Blue, Cream, Gold, Mix, Rose, White, Yellow, Yellow Splash, Orange, Purple, Scarlet
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $30.50

Pansy-Delta Series – early, large flowers on short sturdy stems.  Adapts well to climatic
conditions.  All Colors Mix, Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Premium, Blaze Mix, Blotched
Mix, Blotched Mix Premium, Blue Blotch, Citrus Mix, Cool Water Mix, Deep Blue Blotch
Premium, Fire, Lavender Blue, Light Blue Blotch, Mauve Blotch, Monet Mix, Neon Violet
Blue Face Premium, Orange Blotch, Persian Medley Premium, Pink Shades, Primrose
Blotch, Pure Colors Mix, Pure Deep Orange, Pure Golden Yellow Premium, Pure Lemon
Premium, Pure Light Blue, Pure Primrose Premium, Pure Red, Pure Rose, Pure Violet
Premium, Pure White Premium, Pure Yellow Premium, Red Blotch Premium, Rose
Blotch, Rose Blotch Premium, Spirit Mix Premium, Tapestry, Tricolor Mix, True Blue,
Violet Face, Watercolors Mix, White Blotch, White Blotch Premium, White Rose Wing,
Yellow Blotch Premium, Yellow Purple Wing Premium, Yellow Red Wing
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $30.88

Pansy-Designer Blends in mixes of Imperial, Iona, Wink, Clean & Bedder.  Desert
Sunset Mix, Easter Parade Mix, Mauvealous Mix, Pride & Glory Mix, Purple Passion Mix
200 Seeds $5.44        1,000 Seeds $22.19

Pansy-Dynamite Series, Refined – Large flowered. Blooms continuously fall to spring.
Bud setting is day neutral and requires no chilling. Blooms 7 days earlier than Crowns &
Regals.  Beacon Blue, Beacon Rose, Blotch Mix, Blue Blotch, Blue Center, Blue&White
Shades, Clear Mix, Cream, Deep Blue Blotch, Deep Rose Blotch, Lavender, Light Blue,
Mix, Ocean, Orange, Pink, Pure White, Purple, Purple Rose&White, Red Blotch,
Red&Yellow, Rose Blotch, Scarlet, Silhouette Mix, Strawberry, White, White Blotch,
Wine Flash, Yellow, Yellow Blotch
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $26.69

Pansy-Frizzle Sizzle Series – 8” large flowered, 100% frilled, hybrid vigor and earliness.  
Blue, Mix, Yellow, YellowBlue Swirl
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $28.19

Pansy-Karma Series, 6-8”, early flowering, compact and bushy, sturdy stems.  
Beaconsfield, Blue Blotch, Blue Butterfly, Deep Blue, Deep Orange (formerly
“Orange”), Denim, Fire, Lavender Shades, Mix, Orange, Orange Improved, Red Blotch,
Rose, Rose Blotch, Rose Fire, True Blue, USA Mix, White, White Blotch, Yellow, Yellow
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $23.94

Pansy-Majestic Giant Series, Refined – 7”, 4” blotched flowers.  Blue, Mix, Purple, Red
and Yellow, Rose, Scarlet, White, Yellow
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $27.13

Pansy-Mariposa Series – 6” spreading to 8”.  Multiflora series packed with special
vibrant colors and unique patterned shades.  Robust root system is strong for
overwintering.  Non-stretch stems, even in heat.  Beaconsfield, Blue Blotch, Blue Over
Yellow, Citrus Mix, Fire, Lavender Shades, Light Blue, Marina Mix, Orange, Orange
Blotch, Peach Shades, Primrose Shades, Red Blotch, Red Wing, Rose Blotch, Rosy
Sunset, True Blue, Violet with Face, White, White Blotch, Yellow, Yellow Blotch
200 Seeds $5.44        1,000 Seeds $23.06

Pansy-Panola Series, 6-8”, best of Panache, Baby Bingo and new in one series.  All
with early and uniform flowering times.  All Seasons Mix, Autumn Blaze Mix,
Beaconsfield, Blotch Mix, Blue with Blotch, Citrus Mix, Clear Mix, Deep Purple, Fire (red
with yellow face), Golden Yellow, Lavender Blotch, Lilac Shades, Marina Shades,
Orange, Pink Shades, Primrose, Purple with Face, Red Blotch, Rose, Rose Picotee,
Royal Purple, Scarlet, Select Mix, Silhouette Mix, Sky Blue, Springtime Mix, True Blue
Violet Picotee, White, White Blotch, Winter Blues Mix, Yellow Blotch, Yellow Wink,
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $25.50

Pansy-Promise Series – 6” large flowered series in Delta class.  Short peduncles, early
flowering, programmable for fall or spring.  Formula Mix (18 colors)
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $25.31

Pansy-Supreme Series, Refined – Formerly Crystal Bowl Supreme – Tailored to fall,
stays compact in environment and blooms a week earlier than original CB.
Burgundy, Deep Blue, Lavender Shades, Mahogany, Mix, Orange, Pink Shades,
Primrose, Purple, Rose, Scarlet, Silhouette Mix, Sky Blue, True Blue, White, Yellow.
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $26.44

Pansy-Ultima Series, Refined – Compact, extra early, highly floriforous medium size
flowers.  Apricot Shades, Beacon Bronze, Beacon Mix, Beacon Rose, Beacon Yellow,
Impressions Blue, Impressions Mix, Impressions Rose, Impressions Yellow, Lavender
Shades, Mix, Pink Shades, Radiance Blue, Radiance Deep Blue, Salmon Yellow
Shades, Scarlet&Yellow
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $24.38

Papaver-Allegro, Originator's Seed – 14” dwarf, compact, bright scarlet, huge flowers.
5,000 Seeds $4.38        10,000 Seeds $7.50

Papaver nud.Champagne Bubbles Series F1 – 15” uniform series with sturdy habit and
large flowers.  Formula Mix, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow
500 Seeds $6.06        1,000 Seeds $10.31

Papaver nud. Garden Gnome – 12” mix of white, golden, yellow, orange and scarlet on
strong upright plants.
2,000 Seeds $3.94        5,000 Seeds $7.50

Papaver-Wonderland Mix – 10” dwarf plant with large 4” flowers.
1,000 Seeds $3.94        2,000 Seeds $6.63

Penstemon-Electric Blue – spikes of intense blue, tubular flowers. First year flowering.
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $31.56

Penstemon-Huskers Red – 4’ pale lilac flowers with purple bronze foliage.
500 Seeds $3.94        1,000 Seeds $6.25

Penstemon-Mystica – Dream Seed, Benary Apex Enhanced and Coated – 30” bronze
foliage from rostte onward. Large lavender pink clusters in summer, red foliage in fall.  
Attractive over a long period, excellent centerpiece and a showpiece in the garden.
Requires vernalization. Enhanced for higher germination.
500 Seeds $6.50        1,000 Seeds $11.19

Penstemon-Navigator Mix – 12”, mix of solid colors, compact branching habit for first
year flowering container perennial.
500 Seeds $4.38        1,000 Seeds $7.50

Pentas-Graffiti Series, Originator's Seed, Pelleted – 8” gorgeous series, flower clusters
are larger with more vibrant color. Habit branches strongly into a flat mound. Quicker
blooming, strong performance in heat and humidity.  Bright Red, Lavender, Lipstick,
Mix, Pink, Red Lace, Rose, Violet, White
100 Seeds $8.94        1,000 Seeds $73.50

Pentas-Kaleidoscope Series, Originator's Seed, Pelleted – 10” at first bloom, needing
little to no PGR in container, but continuing to grow to 18” in garden and spreading to
16”.  Robust, densely branching and large flowered with strong color. Habit branches
strongly to form an erect rounded plant, an easy shipper with blooms hugging top of
foliage. Strong performance in heat and humidity.  Appleblossom, Carmine, Deep Red,
100 Seeds $8.94        1,000 Seeds $73.50

Pentas-New Look Series, Originator's Seed, Pelleted – 10” dwarf compact plants for
baskets, patio containers and landscape.  Mix, Pink, Red, Rose, Violet, White
100 Seeds $6.88        1,000 Seeds $61.50

Pentas-Northern Lights Series, Originator's Seed, Pelleted – 10” new genetic type
which thrives in a broader range of production environments. Lavender
100 Seeds $10.44        1,000 Seeds $88.06

Pentas-Starla Series, Pelleted – 12” container, 15” in garden, spreading to 18”. F1
hybrid. Improved uniformity of habit and tight bloom window in 15-16 weeks. Blush,
Deep Rose, Mix, Pink Red, White
100 Seeds $7.94        1,000 Seeds $66.81

Pepper, Ornamental, Chilly Chili - 10", bears nonpungent fruits going from chartreuse
to orange to dark red, showing the entire color range at one time.
100 Seeds $10.69       1,000 Seeds $90.75

Perovskia 'Taiga', Dream Seed, Primed - Tuned for fast emergence. 2' container, 3' in
beds. Pure caerulean blue flower spikes, silvery green foliage and stems. Massive
summer long color for large containers and landscapes. Worth testing as field grown
cutflower specialty. Heat and drought tolerant.
100 Seeds $4.06                 1,000 Seeds  $25.94
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