Ranunculus-Bloomingdale Series, 10” compact, weather tolerant. Blue Bicolor, Golden
Shades, Mix, Orange Rose Bicolor, Pink Bicolor, Pink Shades, Pure Yellow, Purple
Shades, Red Shades, Rose Shades, Special Mix, Tangerine, White Shades
100 Seeds $6.88        1,000 Seeds $58.31

Ranunculus-Maché Series, 12” dwarf ranunculus for containers and bedding.
Gorgeous large ball shaped flowers on sturdy stems over dense branched foliage.
Broad range including many special colors. Mix, Orange, Scarlet, Pastel Mix, Yellow
100 Seeds $7.88        1,000 Seeds $67.50

Rhynchelytrum (melinis) nerviglume, Savannah, Benary's enhanced APEX seed – 3-4’
ornamental grass with glittering pink glumes. Drought and heat tolerant, half hardy
perennial. South African native.
100 Seeds $4.13        1,000 Seeds $33.19

Rudbeckia hirta-Autumn Colors-Film Coated, 20-24”, autumn theme with a neat bushier
habit. Shades include bronze petals, red rings and rusty red centers.
500 Seeds $6.50        1,000 Seeds $11.19

Rudbeckia-Maya, Film-Coated, 18” dwarf and double. Flowers are 4” bright yellow
globes, well supported by strong stems en masse above basal foliage. A standout for
containers and bedding, overwinters well.
100 Seeds $4.06        1,000 Seeds $32.06

Rudbeckia-Sonora, Film-Coated, 15” semidwarf, large sombrero bicolor, maroon center
with gold petal tips.
200 Seeds $4.13     1,000 Seeds $17.81

Rudbeckia-Toto Series, Film-Coated, 10” dwarf ball shaped plants with stiff petals.
Incredibly dwarf for this genus, ideal for pots and bedding.  Gold, Lemon, Mix, Rustic
500 Seeds $6.25        1,000 Seeds $10.75

Rudbeckia occidentalis – Green Wizard, 3’ distinct tall cone with minimal petals, bee
attractor, cones are good in dry arrangement
200 Seeds $4.00        1,000 Seeds $14.75
Seed Tapestry
part of Scanlan Nursery
              Seed Tapestry                                                                  2009                                                               Scanlan Nursery