Seed Tapestry
part of Scanlan Nursery
Talinum paniculatum-Limón – 2’, soft yellow green foliage, cloudlike sprays of soft pink
flowers followed by ruby orange seed pods.  Containers, easy bedding, sun or shade.
100 Seeds $11.40        1,000 Seeds $103.20

Talinum paniculatum-Verde - 32" spreading, deep green foliage, cloudlike sprays of
bright pink flowers followed by ruby orange seed pods. Containers, easy bedding, sun or
shade, tolerates heat and over-wet conditions well and the bright persistent berries make
an unusual fieldgrown cutflower crop.
100 Seeds $14.88   1,000 Seeds $126.66

Tatsoi-Oriental Mustard Spinach - 3" spreading to 12", toothsome tangy edible leaves.
Deep emerald green spoon shaped foliage forms a densely textured, disc shaped
ornamental rosette. Striking in container, useful for edging and a bold statement in mass
5,000 Seeds $3.84    10,000 Seeds $6.60

Tecoma stans-Mayan Gold C - 'Fantastic Flowers', 24" containers, 36" in garden,
spreading to 20", brilliant golden yellow with red threadlike throat marks. Bell shaped with
broad lip, glossy leaves, long blooming. Can grow on as a tropical looking shrub in south,
or as exotic annual in north.
100 Seeds $18.78    1,000 Seeds $157.38

Thunbergia alata-African Sunset Mix – 5’ vine, unique sunset shades including red,
apricot and buff, all with complimentary dark eyes. Robust vine suitable for trellised
containers and landscapes.
100 Seeds $14.94       1,000 Seeds $127.20

Thunbergia alata-O’Susannah Series – 7’ vine, black-eyed susan vine, showy vine for
trellis or baskets. Fast and easy. Alba Oculata (white w/eye), Aurantiaca (golden orange),
Aurantiaca Oculata (golden orange with eye), Aurea (pure yellow), Aurea Oculata (yellow
with eye), Mix (15 colors)
100 Seeds $6.60        1,000 Seeds $57.36

Thunbergia alata-Susie Series – 7’ flowering vine for baskets or window boxes. Clear
Orange, Clear White, Clear Yellow, Mix, Orange w/Eye, White w/Eye, Yellow w/Eye
100 Seeds $6.00        1,000 Seeds $50.58

Thymus serpylum-Magic Carpet – 3” brilliant rose flowers carpet groundcovering
aromatic plant. Much brighter than traditional strain in commerce. Leaves healthy green.
500 Seeds $3.78        1,000 Seeds $5.82

Thymus vulgaris-Thyme - 6" lilac flowers. Used for seasoning in chowders, stews, sauces
and pickles.
5,000 Seeds $5.94    10,000 Seeds $10.20

Tiarella wherryi, Silverado, primed – 8”, fluffy white flower spikes, misty woodland
groundcover, shade loving perennial (zone 5). Good container plant.  Good commercial
item due to improved germination and emergence.
100 Seeds $3.90        1,000 Seeds $23.52

Tithonia rotundifolia-Fiesta Del Sol, 36", AAS compact, heat and drought tolerant, brilliant
orange daisies. Attracts butterflies.
200 Seeds $3.90   1,000 Seeds $15.06

Torenia, Clown F1 Series, Originator's Seed, Pelleted – 8” landscape annual that can
survive extra long, hot summers.  Blue, Blue and White (FloraStar), Blush, Burgundy,
Lemon Drop, Mix, Plum, Rose, Violet
100 Seeds $3.90        1,000 Seeds $24.72

Torenia, Duchess Series, Originator's Seed, Pelleted – 8”, bred for container and shady
bedding, uniformly early with mounded, dense branching habit.  Blue and White,
Burgundy, Deep Blue, Light Blue, Mix, Pink
100 Seeds $3.90        1,000 Seeds $23.22

Tradescantia x andersonii-Shimmer Mix - 20" hybrids in red and blue shades.
100 Seeds $3.90   1,000 Seeds $29.46

Tricyrtis hirta-Japanese Toad Lily - 18" exotic orchid-like flowers. Bold purple spots over
soft lilac. Glossy broad bladed foliage, bushy habit, graceful sprays.
200 Seeds $3.90    1,000 Seeds $15.78

Tulbaghia violacea-Society Garlic
500 Seeds $6.48        1,000 Seeds $11.16
             Seed Tapestry                                                                  2010                                                               Scanlan Nursery