Seed Tapestry
part of Scanlan Nursery
Vaccinum vitis-idaea, Mountain Cranberry, brilliant red decorative fruit, compact low
growing plant.
1,000 Seeds $4.32    2,000 Seeds $7.56

Verbascum-Southern Charm, PEL – 30” unique color range including apricot and creamy
yellow, softr lavender and peachy rose, all with purple bees.  F1 hybrid, long blooming in
spring and fall, dormant through midsummer and winter. Hardy, flowers first year. Choice
for containers and perennial landscapes.
100 Seeds $10.38        1,000 Seeds $88.14

Verbascum-Wega (Banana Custard), 5', rich soft yellow. Large flowers rising on massive
flower spikes above felted white foliage.
1,000 Seeds $6.24   2,000 Seeds $10.92

Verbascum bombiciferum-Arctic Summer (Polar Summer), to 5', a soaring tower of pure
silver white foliage and stems, finishing the summer in a blaze of yellow flower the second
summer. Architectural in the border, but wooly white foliage lends itself to spring container
sales. Biennial.
1,000 Seeds $5.22   2,000 Seeds $9.00

Verbascum chaixii-Wedding Candles, 3' pure white flowers with distinct and vividly
contrasted reddish violet anther filaments. Thick branching flower spikes, upright habit.
Good subject for specialty cutflower production or as large container centerpiece.
1,000 Seeds $3.90   2,000 Seeds $6.72

Verbascum phoenicium-Antique Rose, 32", pure strawberry rose. Abundant thick spikes of
extra large flowers above pure green foliage. For large container centerpiece, specialty
cutflower and borders.
1,000 Seeds $6.18    2,000 Seeds $10.68

Verbascum phoenicium-Temptress, 15" pot, 2' in garden, 100% first year flowering and
capable of extra early crop from overwintered sowing. Neatly compact deep green foliage,
strong flower colors. Container or perennial bedding. Purple, White.
200 Seeds $4.98   1,000 Seeds $20.76

Verbascum phoenicium-White Bride (Flush of White) – 32”, pure glistening white spikes.
2,000 Seeds $4.56        5,000 Seeds $9.90

Verbena-Obsession Series – 6” pack-type verbena. Similar to Romance and same
breeding, but higher germination standard. Apricot, Blue with Eye, Bordeaux, Burgundy
with Eye, Coral with Eye, Crimson with Eye, Eyed Mix, Lavender, Light Blue with Eye, Lilac,
Mix, Pastel Mix, Pink, Pink Chiffon, Red, Red with Eye, Scarlet, Spirit Mix, White
200 Seeds $4.26        1,000 Seeds $17.76

Verbena-Peaches 'n Cream, 10", AAS and FSM. Gorgeous color pallette uniformly and all
at once on each plant, from orange to rosy peach, apricot, tan and cream. Fine branching
habit, uniformly compact.
200 Seeds $3.90      1,000 Seeds $15.78

Verbena-Quartz Series – 10-12”, uniform strong garden performer. “XP” colors are new
lines with tighter uniformity for bench run production.  Blue, Burgundy Eye XP, Burgundy
XP, Carmine Rose XP, Original Merlot Mix, Merlot Mix XP, Patriot Mix, Purple XP, Red Eye
XP, Scarlet XP, Silver XP, Waterfall Mix, White XP, XP Mix
200 Seeds $4.32        1,000 Seeds $18.18

Verbena-Tuscany Series – 8” spreading to 18”, strong root system tolerates moist media
well. Good germination and branching means less double sowing.  Large showy florets.
Strong garden performer in heat.  White is mildew tolerant, 1 week later than Obsession
and Quartz.  Blue, Lavender Picotee, Mix, Peach, Pink Picotee, Rose w/Eye, Violet w/Eye,
200 Seeds $4.32        1,000 Seeds $18.00

Verbena speciosa-Sterling Star – 8”, silver blue flowers on spreading plants, for baskets,
tubs, groundcover.
1,000 Seeds $4.56        2,000 Seeds $7.80

Veronica-Repens Creeping Blue Speedwell – 2”, soft light blue, trailer.
1,000 Seeds $4.80        2,000 Seeds $8.28

Veronica x hybrida Blue Bouquet, PEL – 12”, tapered blue spikes with many small florets,
highlighted by deep green foliage.  First year flowering.
100 Seeds $3.96        1,000 Seeds $30.30

Vicia villosa-Hairy Vetch
1,000 Seeds $5.34     2,000 Seeds $9.24

Vinca-Cobra Series – 4” packs, 10” in garden. F1 hybrid, very large flowers 2 to 2-1/2” in
diameter. Dense branching robust plants. Apricot, Mix, Orchid Eye, Passion Fruit,
Peppermint, Purple Eye, Red, Red Eye, Rose, White
100 Seeds $4.80        1,000 Seeds $39.60

Vinca-Cooler Series – 14”, early blooming, excellent garden performance, more tolerant
of cool weather. Blush, Bubbleyum Mix, Coconut, Deep Orchid, Grape, Hot Rose, Icy Pink,
Lavender Halo, Mix, Orchid, Peppermint, Pink, Raspberry, Red, Rose, Strawberry
500 Seeds $4.98        1,000 Seeds $8.22

Vinca-Cora Series – 14” spreading to 24”, F1 hybrid, extra large 2-1/2” flowers, thick
dark glossy foliage, dense low branching. Contains patented gene for phytophthora
resistance, which will be a huge problem solver. Apricot, Burgundy, Deep Lavender,
Lavender, Mix, Pink, Punch, Violet, White
100 Seeds $5.52        1,000 Seeds $46.68

Vinca-Cora Cascade Series - 6" tall, trailing habit spreading to 3' or more; F1 hybrid, extra
large 2-1/2" flowers tend to cover the center of the plant leaving no gaps. Thick dark
glossy foliage, dense branching. Contains patented gene for phytophthora resistance
which will be a huge problem solver. Cherry, Lilac, Magenta, Mix, Peach Blush, Polka Dot
100 Seeds $9.54   1,000 Seeds $80.22

Vinca-Heatwave  Series – 12” intense color range, dense compact branching, dark leaf
and large flowers. Blue with Eye, Burgundy, Cherry, Grape, Midnight Mix, Mix, Peppermint,
Raspberry, Red, Southwest Mix, White
500 Seeds $4.32        1,000 Seeds $7.14

Vinca-Mediterranean Series – 4”, vigorous trailing habit, excellent for basket, landscape
and street planting.  Large broad petalled flowers.  Apricot Broadeye, Dark Red XP, Deep
Orchid, Deep Rose, Hot Rose XP, Lilac, Lipstick Mix XP, Mix, Mix XP, Peach Colada Mixture
XP, Peach XP, Pink, Polka Dot, Punch, Red XP, Rose XP, Strawberry, Strawberry XP,
White Broadeye, White XP
200 Seeds $5.16        1,000 Seeds $21.60

Vinca-Pacifica Series – 12”, unique new colors and large flower size.  Apricot XP, Blush XP,
Burgundy Halo XP, Burgundy XP, Cherry Red, Cherry Red Halo XP, Complete Mix, Coral
XP, Cranberry XP, Dark Red XP, Deep Orchid XP, Halo Mix, Halo Mix XP, Icy Pink, Icy Pink
XP, Lilac XP, Lipstick Mix, Lipstick Mix XP, Magenta Halo XP, Merlot Mix XP, Mix XP, Peach,
Pink, Polka Dot XP, Punch XP, Raspberry Shake Mix XP, Raspberry XP, Really Red, Really
Red XP, Rose Halo XP, Strawberry Shake Mix XP, White XP
500 Seeds $4.98        1,000 Seeds $8.04

Vinca-Sunshowers Series – 4” spreading over a foot. Early and free flowering. Seedlings
stay upright until transplant size and start trailingi as sales time approaches. Habit trails
across containers and baskets, excellent filler for planters, fills the tough niche of
summer parking lot color.  Lilac, Orchid with Eye, White with Eye
200 Seeds $4.50        1,000 Seeds $18.84

Vinca-Viper Series – 14” F1 hybrid landscaper, robust and bushy for knee high gardens
and prominent in large containers. Big early flowers. Tolerates both heat and cool.
Apricot, Grape, Mix (8 colors), Orchid Halo, Pink, Purple, Red, Red with Eye, Rose,
Strawberry Red, Watermelon
100 Seeds $5.22        1,000 Seeds $44.04

Viola-Angel Series - 6", early flowering all season viola with miniature pansy shaped
flowers. Amber Kiss (priced separately), Blueberry Glow, Jester Mix, Lavender Beacon,
Lilac Glow, Lilac Wave Mix, Mix, Pure White, Red 1, Red Flame, Rose Picotee, Spider Mix,
Spooky Mix, Springtime Mix, Terracotta, Tiger Eye (priced separately)
200 seeds $4.80    1,000 Seeds $20.10

Viola-Angel Series - Amber Kiss, unique glowing petals, coral orange with rosy purple
reverse and an inviting extra center petal like a puckered kiss.
100 Seeds $3.90   1,000 Seeds $24.72

Viola-Angel Series - Tiger Eye, uniquemaroon spider web pattern over brilliant golden
100 Seeds $3.90   1,000 Seeds $24.72

Viola-Carpet Series - 8" mounded upright habit, tends to everblooming, very tough against
bad weather. Extremely floriferous, exquisite range of colors and bicolors. For bedding and
containers. Antique Blue Wing, Bright Yellow, Gold Eye Cream, Lemon Wing Yellow, Lilac
Wing Yellow, Mix, Purple Wing Blue, Tangerine, Violet Wing Lavender, Yellow Heart Blue,
Yellow Heart Lavender.
100 Seeds $3.90   1,000 Seeds $22.38

Viola-Floral Power Super Series - 4" larger flowers than Floral Power with better plant vigor
and even earlier. 1.25" flowers massed on compact plants. Hardy to 20F, extended bloom
season, spring to summer and fall. Excellent for fall pansy programs. Blue Blotch Bronze,
Deep Blue Blotch, Deep Purple Beacon, Purple, Purple Lavender Face, Rose Wing, Yellow
Purple Wing
100 Seeds $3.96    1,000 Seeds $30.42

Viola-Floral Power Series - Orange RedWing is 2007 Fleuroselect Gold Medal; 4", large 1"
flowers massed on compact plants very early. Hardy to 20F, extended bloom season,
spring to summer and fall. Excellent for fall pansy programs. Lavender Pink, Orange
RedWing (FSM), Purple Rose White Face, Purple Tiger Eye, White Rose Wing
100 Seeds $3.96     1,000 Seeds $30.42

Viola-Penny Series - 4-6", cold hardy and heat tolerant. Mounded garden habit with
multitude of large uniquely colored blooms. All Seasons Mix, Azure Twilight, Azure Wing,
Beaconsfield, Blue, Citrus Mix, Clear Yelow, Cream, Deep Blue, Deep Marina, Denim
JumpUp, Harvest Mix, JumpUp Mix, Lane Mix, Lavender Shades, Marina, Marlies, Mickey,
Orange, Orange JumpUp (upper petals burgundy/lower orange), Orchid, Orchid Frost,
Peach JumpUp, Primrose, Primrose Bicolor, Purple Picotee, Red Blotch, Red Wing, Rose
Blotch, Springtime Mix, Violet, Violet Beacon, Viole Flare, White, White Blotch, White
JumpUp, Winter Mix, Yellow, Yellow Blotch, Yellow Frost, Yellow JumpUp (upper petals
burgundy/lower yellow)
200 Seeds $4.98   1,000 Seeds $20.28

Viola-Sorbet Series, 6" small flowered series, early flowering, compact, improved cold
hardiness. Many special colors. Babyface colors have a small maroon face. Antique
Shades, Babyface Mix, Beaconsfield, Black Delight, Black Duet, Blue Babyface, Blue
Heaven, Blueberry Cream, Citris Mix, Coconut, Coconut Duet, Coconut Swirl, Duet Mix, Icy
Blue, Lemon Chiffon, Lilac Ice, Marina Babyface, Mix, Ocean Breeze Mix, Orange Delight,
Orange Duet, Peach Frost, Plum Velvet, Primrose Babyface, Purple Duet, Ruby&Gold
Babyface, Select Mix, Sunny Royale, White Babyface, Yellow Babyface, Yellow Delight,
Yellow Frost, YTT, YTT Babyface
200 Seeds $4.80   1,000 Seeds $20.22

Viola-Velour Series – 4-6” early and free blooming, fragrant round pansy flowers on
compact viola plants.  Blue Blotch, Blue Bronze, Cream Splash, Deep Blue Blotch, Frosted
Chocolate, Lilac Bronze, Mix, Orange, Purple, Purple and White, Purple Wing, White,
Yellow, Yellow Blotch
500 Seeds $5.64        1,000 Seeds $9.42

Viola cornuta-Beam Series, Originator's Seed – Globular trailing habit for baskets or
cover, frost hardy.  Moonbeam
500 Seeds $4.26        1,000 Seeds $7.08

Viola cornuta-Perfection Series – 6” free blooming and fragrant.  Blue, White, Yellow
2,000 Seeds $4.02       5,000 Seeds $8.70

Viola mandschurica-Fuji Dawn – 6” shiny green and white variegated foliage, showy in
perennial containers even before the 1” lilac pink flowers appear.
100 Seeds $8.58        1,000 Seeds $74.04

Viola nigra-Bowle's Black - 6" black flowers with pale yellow eye. A garden classic.
1,000 Seeds $4.32     2,000 Seeds $7.56

Viola sororia-Freckles - 6" small pure white flowers with violet blue stripes giving an
unusual mottled effect. Hardy perennial.
200 Seeds $4.50     1,000 Seeds $19.38

Viola x williamsiana-Brush Strokes - 6" wild tie-dye patterns, streaked, splotched, striped
and whiskered across the entire bloom. Great novelty.
200 Seeds $3.84     1,000 Seeds $12.42
            Seed Tapestry                                                                  2010                                                               Scanlan Nursery